Dreamland in Reality: Conception Criteria for an Entrepreneur cover

Dreamland in Reality: CONCEPTION

Transform Your Dream of Being an Entrepreneur into Reality

“If you are searching to become an Entrepreneur, I know my insights of 40 years as an Entrepreneur will nudge you towards acknowledging the life God wants you to truly live.There is a new life awaiting you where Dreams do become Reality. I discovered the Criteria For an Entrepreneur as I journeyed toward my true destination, which I call Dreamland in Reality. My experiences will help you examine the challenges in your life as you reach for your dreams and move forward on your journey. What was required of me was to be in the Moment. If I followed my promptings, my Guidance, I was led in the direction God wanted me to go. And, to God’s amusement, I describe that path as an Entrepreneur.”

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President / The Owl Network, Inc. and Joshua Tree Publishing

1973 - Present

John Paul Owles has been an Entrepreneur for over 40 years. His first venture was in the music business in Chicago where he was described by Billboard Magazine in 1973 as a young entrepreneur. His companies, Joshua Tree Publishing and The Owl Network, are involved in publishing, digital multimedia, technology, website development and hosting, consulting, public relations, and seminars.

For 25 years, he published the Owl Media Guide’s Nevada Media Directory. He has a B. S. degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Masters in Journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno.